Rotaract Club of Nairamdal is planning to implement the project named “Milky Way”.  The project is aimed protecting victims and potential victims of child abuse by raising awareness in the general public. Our project is aimed at informing the public of the consequences of child   abuse and ways one can protect themselves and their loved ones against such abuse. We   hope to shape the public opinion and help eradicate future cases of child abuse in Mongolia.

 In order to raise the financial support for the implementation of the project “Milky Way”, Rotaract Club of Nairamdal has worked closely with iLoft function House and various social  media sites during the celebration of Halloween on October 31st, 2013 by jointly organizing a “PUMPKIN PA RTY”.

   We are very happy that the “PUMPKIN PARTY” was a great success. The party was popular among the younger generation in UB and a considerable crowd has joined us at iLoft Function House. Our members of the club and friends have worked closely together to provide     various themed activities and   concessions during the event such as

  • Cup Cake and Pizza Corner
  • Professional Make Up Artist for guests
  • Tarot reader and Fortuneteller Corner

The project “Milky Way” is by far largest project Rotaract Club of Nairamdal has started to implement at this   moment.   Our club members have worked hand in   hand and tires sly and we raised an   amount eq. 15’286’300 MNT from the “PUMPKIN PARTY”. The raised amount covers our expenses of 1’800’400 MNT and profit after expenses is 13’485’900 MNT.

Milky_1 Milky_2

The funds we raised will be directly invested in the “Milky Way” project and it will be divided into three groups of activities:

  1. Short  film  presentation  based  on  facts  and  past  cases  of  child  abuse.  The  movie  will  be created with the help of a professional movie studio

The short film will be shown in the various child abuse high risk zone and clusters such as the secondary  schools,  districts,  orphanages  in  the  Ger  District  surrounding  Ulaanbaatar. It will also be available for viewing on online websites and various social media outlets.

  1.  Creative  movie  competition  among  the  amateur  and  professional  filmmakers  around  the city.  The  theme  is  protecting  children  against  child  abuse  as  well  as  creating  public awareness  and  shaping  it  to  fight  against  potential  cases  in  the  future.

The winning work shall presented on public television channels and various social media outlets

  1. Public campaign against child abuse in order to raise awareness both on the civilian and governmental level. The goal is to direct the public attention to the problems of child abuse and how the government can help to protect their citizens.

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