Since year 2000, RC Macau has built 6 primary schools in remote mountain villages in Du’An county of Guangxi province as well as built a fully equipped Experimental and Technical teaching building , student dormitories for the Experimental Middle School in the same county.

During December 26-28 period, a delegation of nearly 40 RC Macau Rotarians and Rotaractors made its annual ‘ home-coming ‘ visit to these schools. This year the  journey up the mountain village schools  was a much easier one due to better road conditions year-on-year. Though the 3-hour trip to the newest Hua Lai primary school was nothing short of anxiety as our van inched along the very narrow stone-covered
winding road, climbing  slope after slope. But it was worth the bumpy ride when we were welcomed by the lovely children with big innocent  smile and greetings.


We distributed a Chinese-Chinese dictionary to each Grade 5-6 student , totaling 700 of them in 4 schools and the teachers could not thank us more as they had only 1-2  dictionary to share in each school in the past . The most heartwarming part  of this visit was having  30 energetic Rotaractors grouping into various classes to interact and teach the students from painting, playing musical instrument, quiz, writing and games.


Our last leg was Du’An Experimental Middle School where we met and presented Grants to 120 students who come mostly from families living in remote mountain villages and living in substandard conditions. These students though provided with free education up to Grade 9, were in need of money to bear their own living.  Awards were also given to 30 top-performing students .  It was most gratifying to learn from the Headmaster that this Middle School has continued to rank high in the university entrance exam in their county and there were students who successfully enrolled into Tsing Hua University.

Our journey ended with a very entertaining New Year Cultural Night with amazing performance by this Middle School’s students , totaling 26 acts ranging from singing , modern & cultural dancing , situation comedy and poem recital.  The farewell scene seemed to last forever as Rotarians, Rotaractors and most students had so many words and feelings to exchange.