On 30 March 2015, RC of Narlag Ulaanbaatar has held an Opening/Hand-Over Ceremony of the Phase 1 of the “Model Prenatal Care Center” Project, being implemented at the Bayanzurkh District Outpatient Clinic 1 in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

As part of Phase 1, the following measures have been taken:

  1. 4 OBGYN facilities, ultrasound cabinet and internal medicines departments are now centralized.
  2. A new reception room has been created card registration, pre-checkup (weight and blood pressure) and initial registration into the database.
  3. OBGYN examination room and non-stress test rooms are now separated.
  4. Doctors and nurses have been provided with computers which in turn enabled the number/time slotting system to be implemented.
  5. Waiting hall has been furnished (improved seats, arts works, flowers, posters etc)
  6. A Japan-made, fully automatic, modern OBGYN chair was donated.
  7. A complete OBGYN examinations tools were donated.

Monetary for the stage of the project equalled MNT 31,3millionĀ  (approximately US$ 15,600).

PN Ariungoo Khurelbaatar, Rotary Club of Narlag Ulaanbaatar