Dear Club Presidents and Secretaries,

Please be reminded that, pursuant to Manual of Procedure, Article 5, Section 1, “An annual meeting of this club shall be held no later than 31 December to elect the officers and directors who will serve for the next Rotary year” and such information should report to no later than the end of May.


Also, as you may know, clubs will receive a new, simple invoice from RI this January.  The balance owed will reflect the membership data in RI’s database on 1 January, and clubs will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO ADJUST THE BALANCE AFTER RECEIVING THE INVOICE.

It’s crucial that clubs to report membership changes as they occur, so that will be billed correctly.

Enclosed please find simple guidelines for how you can add / remove / edit your membership record in My Rotary for your reference.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks & Regards,

Rainy Ma

Liaison and Administration Director

Rotary District 3450