Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends:

Please be reminded this coming Sunday, 23 March, is our annual Rotary 10K run.

Good news for all of you!
Rotary is the 2nd runner-up of Top Participation Organization (188 runners and 214 volunteers), and the prize-giving ceremony will be held at 1030 at the Main Stage! Please come on-time to show your support!!! Stay tuned!

For the runners, please show up at the Cruise Terminal no later than 0730, so as to avoid any delay due to the road closure plus join the warm up exercise at 07:45. We would be taking a Rotary group photo at the sports zone at 0800 hours sharp, please be there five minutes early for your photo with DG Eugene! (Please find the below link for the exact location!)

The race will start at 0830 hours and DG Eugene will be in the race with all of us!

For the folks going to the Carnival, please kindly get in touch with RIC Grace at or 25768882 about ticketing details. The Carnival will start at 0930 in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal; mini concert, game booths and sports zones will be presented, please join us to share these happy moments.

Finally, for those who would like to simply cheer on your favorite Rotarian, Rotarctor, and Interactor runner, please do so by cheering at Shing Fung Road (0830-0945) and Hoi Bun Road (0840-0945).

Get psyched!  See you all there!


Dave Lee

Please visit the below link for the photo-taking session.

For more details, please refer to the below link (Handbook for the 10K Streetathon)