1. The District Government Relations Committee was a new committee formed as part of the initiatives of District Governor Eugene to develop new projects and enhance existing activities by working closely with the Hong Kong Government.
  2. The Committee Chair is Past District Governor Joseph Lee. District Governor Nominee Peter Pang is also one the members.
  3. Under the leadership and guidance of Past District Governor Joseph Lee, three luncheons with the senior government officials in charge of policy and making for the purpose of developing close working relationship and gather supports to various Rotary projects.
  4. On 17th October 2013, the first luncheon was successfully held through the arrangement of Past District Governor Joseph Lee.  Mr. Tsang Tak Sing, Secretary for Home Affairs (SHA) and his Political Assistant Mr. Casper Tsui attended the lunch meeting with nearly 30 Rotarians including DG Eugene Fong, future DGs, PDGs, District Officers, Club Presidents, Rotarians and Rotaractors.
  5. The SHA was pleased to meet with representatives of Rotary International District 3450. He was glad to see his friends and acquaintances who were also members of the Rotary family present at the lunch meeting. He was aware of the good work undertaken by many Rotary Clubs in Hong Kong which had contributed to the development and harmony of our community.
  6. The SHA expressed his willingness to consider how his Bureau could facilitate the work of Rotary in promoting good causes in community development. DG Eugene introduced to him the Rotary family which included the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs and our main services. He also told SHA that our Rotaractors would organize a large scale event: the Asia-Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) in Hong Kong in July 2014. The event had received financial sponsorship from the Commission on Youth under the purview of Home Affairs Bureau. The event would attract a lot of youngsters from different cities in the Asia-Pacific Region. This event would help enhance communication between Hong Kong youths and their counterparts from other Asia-Pacific cities.
  7. The SHA expressed he would like to assist our Rotaractors in the organization of the APRRC, e.g. the use of government venues.  During the meeting, SHA was briefed about the ‘New Generation Centre’ for the use of our Rotaractors in the Youth Square in Chai Wan (the Square is under the purview of Home Affairs Bureau).

  1. The second luncheon was held on 18th November 2013 again as arranged through Past District Governor Joseph Lee. Mr Matthew Cheung (the Secretary of Labour & Welfare), Ms Annie Tam (the Permanent Secretary for Labour & Welfare) and Ms Carol Yip (the Director of Social Welfare) attended the lunch meeting together with 30 Rotarians including DG Eugene Fong, future DGs, PDGs, District Officers, Club Presidents and Rotarians.
  1. Mr Matthew Cheung was aware of the great networking of Rotary and its efforts in helping the needy in the community. He quoted some of the more recent examples of how Rotary helped Government in pursuing good causes, such as the District’s poverty alleviation programme of M.O.R.E. (Motivation, Option, Rapport, Esteem – supporting youth-in transition in upward mobility) ; the Child Development Matching Fund, and individual Rotary Clubs’ financial  contributions to Government’s Child Development Fund and mentorship programme.
  1. Mr Matthew Cheung believed that Rotarians from different walks of life, professions and trades could help address some of our social issues such as inter-generation poverty by encouraging and providing opportunities for disadvantaged youths to move upward in the social ladder. He said there were many opportunities for Rotary to join hands with Government in tackling some of the social issues. He would be most willing to facilitate the participation of Rotary Clubs in the relevant programmes.
  1. Ms Annie Tam (The Permanent Secretary) was interested in the work of our Rotary Clubs. We introduced to her some of the work of our Rotary Clubs in areas such as enhancing the employment opportunities of persons with disabilities, our other poverty alleviation projects with NGOs, and our collaborations with the HK Council of Social Service. The Director of Social Welfare (Ms Carol Yip) was also very pleased with the work of Rotary Clubs in collaborating with NGOs in projects which targeted at the underprivileged groups and the handicapped.
  1. Following up the success of the first two luncheons, the third luncheon was arranged and held on 9th May 2014.   Mr. Lai Tung-kwok, Secretary for Security attended the meeting with his Under Secretary Mr. John Lee.
  1. The District leaders and Rotarians have found the luncheon effective in strengthen the link with the Government officials who will be able to know more what the Rotary has been doing and in turn help bringing in more awareness and support amongst the various government departments and personnel.  This will definitely enhance the implementation of the Rotary projects and their impact.
  1. Apart from the luncheons, various District events were supported by government officials who attended as officiating guests.  The endorsement and recognition of the various Rotary activities has significant effect in enhancing their impact in the community :-
District Events Date Government Officials Attending
District Installation 2013/07/13 Mr. Eddie NG Hak-Kim GBS, JP, Secretary for Education
Celebration of International Day of Peace 2013/9/21 Ms. Florence Hui, Under Secretary for Home Affairs,Mr. Lau Kong Wah, Under Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs

Liaison Meeting with Government Official2013/10/17Mr. Tsang Tak Sing, Secretary for Home Affairs
Mr. Caspar Tsui, Political Assistant to Secretary for Home Affairs
Supporting Youth-in-Transition in Upward Mobility Launching Ceremony 20132013/10/26Ms. Annie Tam, Permanent Secretary for Labour & WelfareSports Day for All2013/11/02Mrs LAM Cheng Yuet-ngor, Carrie, GBS JP, Chief Secretary of Administration
Mr Eddie NG Hak-kim, SBS JP, Secretary for EducationLiaison Meeting with Government Official2013/11/18Mr. Mathew Cheung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare
Miss Annie Tam, Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare
Ms. Carol Yip, Director of Social WelfareDistrict Conference2014/02/23Professor Sophia Chan, Under Secretary for Food & Health District Conference (Rotary Day)2014/02/23Mr. Sin Yat Kin, Commissioner of Correctional ServicesRadio Campaign on Rotary2014/02Mr. Ko Wing Man, Secretary for Food &n HealthInternational Forum on Organ Donation2014/03/19Professor Sophia Chan, Under Secretary for Food & HealthDistrict Joint Meeting2014/04/28Mrs LAM Cheng Yuet-ngor, Carrie, GBS JP, Chief Secretary of AdministrationLiaison Meeting with Government Official2014/05/09Mr. Lai, Tung-kwok, SBS, IDSM, JP, Secretary for Security
Mr. John Lee, Under Secretary for Security

Date : 19 June 2014

PP Emba Leung

for PDG Joseph Lee Chair