We did it!   The Rotary 10K Streetathon was successfully completed on the 23 of March.   This success was all because of you!  With 188 runners, including our DG, and 214 volunteers, you were rocking!

For those who made it out there, you know even the weather was on our side!  It had to be one of the coolest and driest sunny days we have had for a long while and that’s ok for us!  Hats off to our runners who achieved incredible results that day:

Men Junior (Year born 1995-1998)

Category Position Name Club Net Time Official Time
2 Lam Chun Kit RAC HKCC 00:42:35 00:42:53

Women Junior (Year born 1995-1998)

Category Position Name Club Net Time Official Time
1 Cheng Tsz Ki RAC HKCC 00:46:50 00:46:52
5 So Yuen Ting RAC HKCC 00:49:37 00:55:30
10 Hui Sau Wai RAC HKCC 01:03:39 01:03:58

Women Senior (Year born 1980-1994)

Category Position Name Club Net Time Official Time
3 Mak So Ning Tania RAC Tai Po 00:47:09 00:47:48
6 Mak Suk Ying Jodhy RAC Tai Po 00:50:08 00:50:46

As a team, we also won the second runner up for Top Participation Organization!  Well done everyone!!

Finally, thanks to RI and especially DG for giving me the honor and the opportunity of mobilizing Rotary for this event.   Special big hands for Grace Heung of RIC who worked tirelessly throughout and never said no to our ceaseless requests!  And lastly don’t you forget to thank yourself for taking part in this meaningful event.

Until next year, stay fit and keep running!


Rotary 10K Committee Chairman 2014


Words from RIC staff, Grace

HK 10K Streetathon @Kowloon East is the first running tournament ever, which runners could grasp the pulse of the city, feeling the uniqueness of the community. With the starting time of 0830, friends and the public are invited to line for cheers. This thought of engagement is highly appreciated, which has actually injected a catalyst for social integration.

The people and the nature of this Streetathon makes me moved. This is their first time and also for mine. From being a runner as Rotaractor in last Rotary Year to being a RIC staff in this RY, taking role in recruiting runners and volunteers, I was impressed by the efforts of the host. They are sensitive and human-oriented in every step on planning and implementation. Every on-site single job seems to be easy, yet, it is supported by a passionate and meticulous working crew from RunOurCity and Social Ventures Hong Kong. They took good care of every single details, from runners, volunteers to their families and friends, and even the residents near the track, trying their best to utilize every single chance to get everybody engaged. This pilot project is never easy, but worthwhile. Though I just took a very very very small part in it, some of them expressed their thankfulness to me and we actually become friends. These compliments are just too much to be given. They worked from day to night, and also vice cersa; sometimes, I dare not to ask them so many questions, but they are really helpful. I DO MEAN EVERY TIME.

Hereby, I would like to express my gratitude to the working team, which helps us a lot and giving us such an opportunity to be part of them. Hope you all enjoy this meaningful event as well!

Words from volunteers

(Aileen Kun from RAC Shaw College, CUHK)

At first, I thought we are not helping much in the event because we were just for cheering purpose. Nonetheless, every time we yelled a “fighting” or “give me five” to the runners, the smiles on their faces told us it was worth doing so. Many said thank you to us and said we were giving them courage and the power to keep running. These were out of our expectation and we really had a meaningful time!

(Abby Lau from Rotaract Club of Shaw College, CUHK)

My group of volunteers was responsible for directing runners and non-runners the correct route. When some passerby wanted to cross the running path, we would direct them the way to the nearest crossing. But it turned out most of them stayed to watch the match and cheered for the runners like us! It was definitely a hearty and healthy day for everyone.


For more photos, please kindly visit the below link.