The first team of RCC was established in 2012 for the first time in D3450, sponsored by RC of HK Financial Centre, although the idea of RCC was introduced in 1985 and the program was adopted in 1988.We now  have 7 teams of RCC under sponsorship of RC HK Financial Centre, RC HK Sunrise, RC Kowloon NE, RC Tolo Harbour, RC Bayview Sunshine,  RC Amizade and RC Guia. Altogether there are about 90 volunteers recruited from Scout Leaders, nurses, social workers, students, spouses and family members of Rotarians.


Various community services were carried out under the RCC guidelines and sponsorship by their mother clubs.

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To take a few examples, RCC of Bayview Sunshine has run a program called MEAL ON WHEELS by helping to deliver meal boxes to street dwellers in Shumshuipo in January and March 2014.
(Venue: Baptist Oi Kwan, 200 seniors from their Mongkok and Taipo Centers
Event: Performance, Pilate and exercises, Photo portrait taking, Games and goody bags distribution)

RCC of Kowloon NE made two separate visits to Hong Chi Pine Hill Pre-School (匡智松嶺學前兒童中心)to show their cares to the less fortunate orphans and played around with them for hours in November 2013.

RCC of HK Sunrise offered many hands to help the Annual Open Day of Student Ambassador of Yuen Long District.

RCC of Amizade had sent volunteers to Macau Blood Donation with Rotary Love Day in March 2014.


RCC of Tolo Harbour offered logistic helps to a large program namely 2013 Chinese Calligraphy Competition organized by the Education Bureau and Rotary D3450. RCC members acted as voluntary workers for the Chinese Calligraphy Competition held by Rotary Club of Tolo Harbour.

RCC of HK Financial Centre brought along with 35 South-Asian Students to learn about Hong Kong and Chinese History at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen  Museum at mid-levels Hong Kong.

The latest established team of RCC of Guia, jointly working with a group of volunteer nurses to offer free checking services to those who have tooth sickness neighbors to demonstrate Rotary Cares to community. Last week on 23 May 2014, a potential RCC from the students of Jinan University (暨南大學)in Zhuhai 珠海,sponsored by RC HK Financial Centre, has completed a community service program  by 10 separate home visits to 10 elderly who do not have any family member living nearby or being isolated.

With all these volunteering services by RCC sponsored by Rotary Clubs, we can always engage our Rotary and change somebody’s lives.


PDG Jones Wong
Chair of RCC