Rotaract District Conference cum World Rotaract Week 2013-14

Every year during the week of March 13 (Monday through Sunday), World Rotaract Week is organised to commemorate the founding of the Rotaract Club in 1968. This year, it has been held with District Conference for Rotaract clubs to showcase their histories, features, as well as the projects and activities they held in the past months.

District Conference cum World Rotaract Week 2013-14i ncludes a 7-day programme with a series of online promotion and celebration. ‘Timeless’, indicating the enduring happy memories through fellowship and service with sincerity, is the theme of this year’s DC cum WRW. A ‘contract’ has been made to express the 100-year commitment for being a Rotaractor.

What is 100 Years of Commitment (一百年之約)?
Watch the video:–udlE

There were a total of 6 Rotarians and 193 Rotaractors from 23 Rotaract Clubs on March 16 (Sunday) attending the event to witness the commitment. Many Rotaract Clubs applied as the hosts of booths and/or performers. Echoing with the theme ‘Timeless’, the content of the booths were related to the charter year of the Club. Rotaractors showed their creativity in decorating the booths and interacting with different Rotaractors. Moreover, various stage performances including video-playing, dancing, singing and playing games brought great fun to all participants in the afternoon.

DC cum WRW 2013-14 has been successfully held.Thanks for the support and greetings from Rotarians and Rotaractors.

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First Step to Rotaract 2013-2014

First Step to Rotaract 2013-2014 has been successfully held on February 16, 2014 at City University of Hong Kong. There were 300 Rotaractors attending on that day, which has broken the record of greatest number of participants in this event. The theme of this year is ‘Motor Car’, symbolizing a drive to the newly elected Rotaractors to understand the fundamentals, including the background, role & responsibilities and vision & values of Rotaract.

The event is composed of two major sessions. In the morning session, through several mini games, participants could enjoy themselves and acquire basic knowledge at the same time. In the afternoon session, it was a simulative experience for the participants, with an aim to build a better world as a Rotaractor.  They had to fulfill different tasks and attained the elements of Leadership, Respect, Ethics, Action and Professional.

Other than the above activities, we are glad to have invited several Rotary leaders to give us inspiring speeches. Moreover, many experienced Rotaractors and facilitators, like Past District Roraract Representatives (PDRR), conducted valuable sharing with the participants. Last but not least, a letter writing session was arranged. Participants could reflect on the messages brought throughout the whole day and write a letter to themselves.

Finally, we would like to seize the opportunity to thank Rotarians and Rotaractors for their support, and the organizing committee for their hard work, and City University of Hong Kong for the rental of venue.