Potential New RAAS Partnership

Under the leadership of President Lui, meetingsamong Rotary Club of Central (RCC), Tuen Mun Government Secondary School (TMGSS), Education Bureau (EDB) and RAAS Committee were held on 9 May to explore the possibility of establishing formal partnership while introduction of TMGSS, EDB and RAAS to members of Rotary Club of Central was carried out at the regular Club meeting on 4 June 2014.

President Andy Lui presented significant service projects of Rotary Club of Central including Career Planning and Mock Interview then invited Principal Ms Helena Kong to say a few words. After Assistant Principal Mr Lee Tung-Ching introduced TMGSS, Mr Victor Kwok of EDB shared the activities accomplished by the Business-School Partnership Programme. RAAS Chair PDG Tony Wong was requested to talk about Rotary and RAAS accordingly.

Principal Ms Kong was delighted when Rtn Dr. Ray Cheung invited students of TMGSS to join his “Mobile Apps” Program which he developed at the City University of Hong Kong. Rtn Ray also showed us the photos of the splendid products of robots which were created under his innovative ideas.

Meetings were fruitful and more details of the new partnership will be coming shortly.


Reminder of Rotary Adopt A School Awards and Booklet (2013-14)

  1. RAAS Awards include 5 different awards to Rotary Club and Rotarian, school and teacher as well as student respectively while Best Improvement Award is awarded to 4 students nominated by their schools.
  2. RAAS Booklet (2013-2014) aims atkeeping all the great work that Rotarians and teachers have already done so far and share them with all of us.

Our committee would like to express the sincerest thanks to PP David Shelton-Smith as he has put tremendous efforts on helping us to post RAAS materials onto District Website!

Please refer tohttp://rotary3450.org/rotary-adopt-school-updates-2352014/ for details.

Deadline for sending us information will be Friday, 6 June 2014.

Reflections on Mock Legislative Council 2014 from 2 students of Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School


1. From Secondary 5B Lau Choi Yee – Best Performance Member

I would like to give my sincere gratitude to RAAS for organizing such an inspiring and informative event, Mock LegCo. Being voted to be the government officer, I understand further the difficulties and obstacles the government encounters in the procedure of law-making and policy establishment. It affords me the insight into current affairs, strengthening my sense of civic responsibility. Had I never joined this programme, I would not be able to experience the real-life situation of a government officer in a LegCo meeting.

2. From Secondary 5B Kwan Tsz Wing – Most Popular Member

After taking part in the programme, my knowledge in the operation of Legislative Council has been enriched.Thanks to RAAS for offering me such an invaluable opportunity to debate as a legislative councilor, which demands me to build my perception of current controversial issues. Also, it has ameliorated my debating skills and allows me to express my ideas in a more comprehensive way. Taking its variety and fruitfulness into account, I believe this is a paramount and remarkable experience in my entire secondary school life.