Customs Headquarters Building Visit on 1 March 2014

DG Eugene Fong graced this special occasion and also, on behalf of our District and RAAS program, delivered a speech to thank Customs & Excise Department (C&E), Education Bureau and all supporting schools to join this visit for the purposes of offering our students a chance to learn from C&E about their mission and duties.

1.      Visit of Customs Facilities at 9/F

An eye-opening visit to an Interview Room with special equipment for video-recording when interviewing suspects, Identity Parade Room, a room with one-way mirror to identify suspects without letting them see the attendees, and specially devised and furnished Detention Centre etc. Different C&E officers provided us very detailed explanations in each location. Photo-taking was not allowed in this floor.

It was a real situation that suspects had been arrested and sent to 9/F when we were staying in the Customs Headquarters Building. Therefore, the C&E officers executed their contingency plan in order to prevent those suspects from meeting us face to face. Under the careful guidance and well-organised of the super-efficient disciplinary force, despite the fact that our over-subscription really aggravated their workloads, 271 participants were triaged effectively to complete the visit smoothly.

Salute Customs and Excise officers!

2.      Visit of Exhibition Gallery at 10/F

“The History and Development of Hong Kong Customs in the past 100 years (香港海關 – 百年光影)” comprises 3 main exhibition areas:

A.     Gateway

Displays the chronicle of China Customs, Hong Kong Customs and Chinese Maritime Customs (Kowloon Customs)

B.     Time Tunnel

Displays the development of Customs in the past 100 years and its significant roles at different eras

C.     Main Gallery

Comprises one thematic section and six sections on the work areas:

(1)   The thematic section “Recruitment and Training” displays information on training, professionalization development and recruitment.

(2)   Six sections are:

Anti-narcotics Investigation Section, Revenue Protection and Collection Section, Intellectual Property Rights Protection Section, Border Security and Trade Facilitation Section, Consumer Protection Section and International Cooperation Section.

3.      Presentation on procedures in case processing by C&E Department

An Officer of Office of Prosecution & Management Support gave the presentation followed by Q&A. Students were very excited and energetic to answer 10 questions respectively by raising their hands in a turbo speed to fight for the chance of providing an answer each time. Each winner got home with a cute Toy Customs Detector Dog!

List of Participating Schools – A total of 29 schools including RAAS Partnering Schools and Non-RAAS (Names are arranged according to their date of enrollment)

RAAS Partnering Schools Non-RAAS
文理書院 (香港)趙聿修紀念中學福建中學浸信會呂明才中學





文理書院 (九龍)








英皇書院 (服務夥伴)





梁文燕紀念中學 (沙田)