Supporting our Primary School in China Xiao Dong and the visit to Special education school in Shaoguan City

This Primary school was built in Xiao Dong China by our Club nearly in 1996-1997. We sponsored the construction of the school and dormitory. We extended further support to the school through student awards and scholarships in the past, gifts of food, stationery and library books to students as well as teachers and parents.

It is a delightful event for all participants including Rotarians, their family and friends and potential members. Some of our members decided to join our Club because they were impressed by our effort in contributing to this school.  It helped us to introduce Rotary to the public, recruit new members and foster the Club fellowship through the long hours of travelling from HK to the school in China.

We also invited some other Rotarians from other Rotary Clubs to participate in our project, so as to foster closer relationship between the Rotary Clubs. For instance, this year we also invited PP Kei Lee Hoi from RC of City Northwest Hong Kong to act as a keynote speaker to speak on the topic of “Dental health care” for the poor students in our Xiao Dong School. Our artistic Rotarians also taught the students how to paint a nice and colorful picture with great team work and have good fun. We believed that Art Education is one of the important subjects for the youngsters to learn to be patient, train their discipline and communication skill. It also brought peace among those students in the poor villages in the neighbourhood. 

Besides, we also visited the Special Education School in Shaoguan City for the deaf and dumb students – 韶关市启智学校. We also took this opportunity to bring them hope through donation of stationary, dancing, singing, playing and health care lesson. Apart from training them, our participants also can learn from this service project on how to communicate with those youngsters and kids with special needs in China and their perseverance in living a normal life.