To Inspire, be inspired




The theme for this year’s Music @ Youth 2013 is “To Inspire, Be Inspired”.  Indeed, this event was inspired by Miss Florence Leung, a social worker at the “Shaukeiwan Youth S.P.O.T” originally as a project for Interactors of Shaukeiwan East Government Secondary School. We soon realized that project of this scale is beyond a single interactor club but would be excellent opportunities for a joint project for all the Interact Clubs and Rotaract Clubs sponsored by the Rotary Club of HK North.  Aimed at providing a platform for young musical groups to perform original music in the public, Music@Youth 2007 was held at the Music Pavilion of Victoria Park.  In 2009, the performance moved to Public Plaza of the Cultural Centre, a venue with the splendid backdrop of Victoria Harbour and a truly international crowd.  2013 marked the 7th year of Music@Youth which had come a long way from a humble beginning with just enough musical groups participating to this year’s 70 groups competiting for 18 places!

Not only does this function offer public performance opportunities for aspiring young music groups, it is also an excellent training ground for our Rotaractors and Interactors who are responsible for venue booking, promotion, liaison, purchasing, sponsorship, guests, stage management, event management, selection of musical groups, master of ceremonies etc.  It takes 8 months to organise the event, during which Rotaractors from New Asia College, CU and com-based Rotaract Club of HK North together with Interactors from Shaukeiwan East Government Secondary School and Munsang College worked together as a team and foster a life long friendship.

We must thank Caritas Community and Higher Education Services for co-organizing the event and provide invaluable technical support, and for the staunch support from New Asia College of Chinese University, Shaukeiwan East Government Secondary School and Munsang College, and for all the volunteer helpers from these institutions to make this annual event ever more successful.