Club in Motion: Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile – Indian Night

The Kowloon Golden mile is the largest club in D3450 with 75 members and this consists of roughly three groups – One third Indians, one third Chinese and one third NINCs ( what they describe as all the rest of their European members as by calling them Non-Indians and Non- Chinese ).

 As Rotary’s latest surveys have discovered , what keeps a club together is the strong Fellowship And Bonding of the club and its members. Well ,the RC of Kowloon Golden Mile has a strange tradition of Bonding which actually further glues the club together. They have a tradition every year of each of the three groups inviting all of their members and their wives and 1 guest to a dinner event paid for by the group. This makes for 3 fellowships which are followed every year and this has become more elaborate as all the host groups are very kind and these events involve games, prizes as well as dancing and nonstop flow of good wine and food.

Below are some of the pictures taken at their recent “Indian night “ which took place on the 13 th September. The fact that this is a club that truly embodies hands on service coupled with a work hard/p[lay hard attitude Contributes to one of the reasons why I myself joined the RC of Kowloon Golden Mile and why I remain Proud to be a member of this esteemed organization. Even though I could not join the Indian night , I like All KGMers ,am happy to contribute towards the event as this is what makes me proud to be a Rotarian.

PDG David Harilela

Photos  sharing of RC KGM’s Indian Night