From 17th  to 20th november we gathered a team of Rotarians and volunteers for our 9th Vision Screening trip into Guangxi Provice, South-China. A highly motivated team of 23, incl.Rotarians, 4 optometrists, students from Poly -U, 12 volunteers and  2 technicians we  could screen over 450 young students in 2 middle schools within 2 days. About 30 % will now receive new lenses and glasses in january. Our Club member, Colman Chan, provided the technical equipment and  a technical support team. Everything was perfectly organized by our ex-member Pauline Cho of Poly -U.

During this trip we also visited our Leprosis-Village community  which our club is supporting vor several years. We donated these wonderful and isolated people a refrigerator, the first they ever had, and some warm winter clothes. A very touching visit and a promise to visit them again. We also visited our village school project in a very remote location in the  very beautiful mountain region. Our club is supporting this school for several years and has financed a complete school building and other equipment. With this important project we are able to help the children and teachers, who run this school with great passion, to get a much better start into their lives.

All together a phantastic trip with our “dream-team” which runs into a 10th anniversary in 2014. Please find a link which shows part of our mission and tells more than words can say. A TV-Reporter of Mashan TV joined us during this trip.

The link is

Kind regards

Rainer Jungjohann