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Rotary Microfilm Competition on “Senior Citizens and I” Signature Project of Rotary Club of Kowloon West

Report by President Wing Leung, RC Kowloon West

The themes of Rotary is changing every year, which have been the tradition of Rotary and the implication of its name (rotating) since its inception in 1905. Service as the core of Rotary life remains unchanged, which is deep-rooted and bears far-reaching impact upon each and every Rotarians .

With the RI Theme of “Engage Rotary, Change Lives” for the year 2013-2014, nothing is more important than to engage as many as possible, both within and outside the Club, to reach a common understanding on what services are to be provided in the best interest of the community’s future. The year 1314, in Chinese implicating lifelong (一生一世), is so meaningful that the Club is trying to do something with life impact!

The consensus of what to provide was soon reached at the wedding banquet of PP Francis’s son. The idea of microfilm competition was sparked off by Julian, the son of the Rtn Jojo, Chairman of the Club’s Community Services Committee and the project chairman.

In line with age limits for interactors and rotaractors, two categories of entries are accepted: those under 18 (Teenagers Group) and under 30 (Youngster Group) with a total cash award of HK$120,000. The Gold winner of each group will get HK$30,000 each.

With the help of PP and Founding Member Lai Sze Nuen, PP Stanley Ma, VP Chan Chung Kit, Rtn Daniel Suen and Rtn Stanley Chen, Pok Oi Hospital, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, Scout Association of Hong Kong, Federation of Parent Managers of School Parent-teacher Association, Kai Fong Association, Sik Sik Yuen and the the Hong Kong Buddhist Association come to help in promoting the competition among schools and youth association under their auspices.

The competition is actually a series of projects instead of one:
1. A survey of the youth perception upon the elderly with 504 youngsters (age 11-22);
. 70% of the interviewed recognized the contribution of the elderly;
. only 30% found that the youngsters have showed respect to senior citizens; and
. only 20% were considerate to senior citizens.
2. A Workshop was held on Saturday, 21 December 2013 with professional script writers other local mini-movie award winners to share their experience with nearly 30 potential entrants.
3. An Experience Sharing session on 8 March 2014 for all entries to share their film-making intention and experience with over 60 participants.
4. An Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 29 March 2014 at Chiang Chen Theatre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University with around 200 participants. The Guest of Honour was The Hon Matthew Cheung, Secretary of Labour and Welfare Bureau. All participants were touched!
5. Awardees were invited to have a lunch with director judges on 26 April 2014, in line with the Charity Lunch with Buffett.

Beyond my imagination, the Competition has successful drawn tremendous attention:
1. 48 entries from schools, NGOs, youth organization and individuals with more than 20,000 people involved.
2. Even primary school representatives inquired details of the competition.
3. Both the survey and the award have been widely covered by local media:
7 media attended the launching press conference
Asia TV and Radio made a special report on the event afterwards
A total of 6 clippings collected, including Ming Pao, Hong Kong Daily, Wen Wei Pao, Hong Kong Commercial Daily (2) and Hong Kong Daily.
Radio & Television of Hong Kong covered both the press conference and awardees
Television Broadcast Ltd covered the awardees

Not just the awardees have the precious opportunities to share their intention and experience with other entrants, movie professionals, community leaders and the government officials at experience sharing session, Award Presentation Ceremony, lunch with directors and media interview, but the community at large has been involved too.

1. 48 entries with 48 different titles and contents provide a lot of inspiration for the community to think about. Most of the entries are real life stories!
2. The Rotaract Club of City University of Hong Kong is one of the supporting organizations.
3. The involvement of Senior Government Officials: The Hon Matthew Leung, Secretary of Labour and Welfare, has been invited as Guest of Honour for the Award Presentation Ceremony.
4. The Involvement of Community Leaders: Dr Leong Chi Hung, the Award Ambassador, is so qualified and his personal presentation of the needs of the elderly at an interview is so vivid and up-to-the- point.
5. The involvement of Movie Professionals: Directors Joe Cheung, Andrew Lau and Wong Jing Po, as well as Producer Checkley Sin are big names in local movie world, representing both the old and new generations. Miss Rose Chan has served as the Promotion Ambassador, showed the bridge between the young and the old.

There is also involvement of budding and rising movie participant, including Angie Palmer, a winner of another local mini-movie award, Lui Kwun Nan, a script writer and Ip Ming Ho, a camera man.

6. The Involvement of IT Professional:The Club has been lucky to get in touch with IT professionals in the design and production of the web, the facebook fanpage and IT promotion. It also enables the Club to explore a new world!

On top of the Web platform of www.microfilmrotary.org, a DVD has been produced for non-internet activists. I thank all my Club members and District officials for their guidance and great support!

Photo provided by P Wing Leung

Below are some of the links for the promotion of competition:

high light of the promotion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8guYbg0_W0#t=74
ATV News Special: http://youtu.be/oEmQpSHYKms
RTHK Interview: http://microfilmrotary.org/Interview.mp3

For more  photos, please kindly refer to the below link.