Supportive Learning Project (SLP) serves approximately 2,300 cases of children mostly aged between 2-6 years old with special needs including those with autistic disorder, developmental delay, speech delay, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and other learning difficulties. With the generous donation from The Rotary Club Of The Peak, a Pre-School Training Unit has been established to provide timely training and services to the children with special needs. The Pre-School Training Unit comprises of a group training room, two individual training rooms and an occupational therapy room which enable different autism and delay training programmes to be carried out. This expansion plan has enabled approximately 90 children to receive training and over 4,400 training sessions can be conducted per year. A kick off ceremony was held on the 24th September, 2013 with gracious presence of over 15 Rotarians, including District Governor Eugene Fong, AG Kei Lee Hoi, DAG Felix Chow, President David Koo, CP Ma Ching Nam and other members.