by DAG Nigel Lo, Rotary Fellowships Committee Chair 2013-14

This is the first time for RWAF to hold a wine tasting event jointly with District Membership Committee with honor to have PDG Ada Cheng in presence.  The weather was not so good on that day but all of the 35 guests had made it a beautiful night, we really appreciated and thank to all of you for coming, also a big thank to the crew who have worked out this party nicely.

During the event, it was no doubt that the atmosphere, the happiness, the enjoyment we felt are definitely an encouragement for us to keep on holding this kind of events in future.   As we can see after couple glasses of wine, people can start up conversations more easily. It is no doubt a good chance to make new friends and share more Rotary experience with each other.

While inviting guests to regular meetings and services are good way to explore Rotary, a fellowship event as such offers a more relaxed platform for potential members and guests to know more about Rotary.

I would say wine is one of the miracle things in the world, it helps blending us together and made the night successful and delightful.

I am really looking forward to the next gathering and hope to see you there.