It has already been two months since I’ve arrived in London. Moving to new country is not only you feel different but also you discover yourself from different angle. London is such a diverse city contains people from almost all countries in the world – from Burkina Faso to Trinidad and Tobago. When I speak to people from all these different cultures and societies, sometimes I feel they are weird and they feel that I am weird – in the end we all earn new insights of the world we inhabit and have good times together. Having Mongolian friend is so unusual for everyone I meet here.

 I’ve wanted to share highlights of my somehow feels short but amazing times in England with you.


Being part of the Rotary family is such a blessing. As a little girl moved to big city, Rotarians did everything to ensure that I feel like at home – and it feels like home.

Rotary District 1130 Conference at Eastbourne

Rotary District Conference held at 18-20th October in Eastbourne City. It was great opportunity for me to explore outside of London and get to know about Rotary Movement in London. I have joined the conference as a scholar of Rotary Club of London along with President Vasi H-Daniel, PP Kiyohiko Tanaka, and Hon. Secretary, PP, PDG Clive Amos and other scholars.

Distric Governor Dick Nathan Opening the Conference

Conference Focus

I am on stage- Introducing myself

Performing on Stage – Singing old British Song ‘Beside the Seaside’

Conference Reception – With President Vasi H-Daniel, Hon. Secretary, PP, PDG Clive Amos

At the Conference Reception – Hon. Secretary Clive Amos, President Vasi H-Daniel, Unur, Past President Kiyohiko Tanaka

Global Scholars – At District Conference Reception

25th Anniversary of Women in RIBI

           This year Rotary Club of London celebrated 25th Anniversary of Women in Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) on 21 Oct. RIBI is the association of Rotary clubs within England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, compromising 53,000 members in 1850 clubs.  RIBI, like Rotary International, has a President who represents all clubs and members across Britain and Ireland. In line with 25th Anniversary of Women in Rotary, current RIBI President for 2013-2014 is Mrs. Nan McCreadie who was the Guest Speaker for the Celebration. Last year Rotary District 1130 had its first Lady District Governor. PDG (2012-2013) Eve Conway-Ghazi was an Ambassadorial Scholar in USA. I had a privilege to attend ‘Celebration Luncheon’. Having three powerful women in the celebration, RC of London President Vasi H-Daniel, RIBI President Nan McCreadie, IPDG Eve Conway-Ghazi, celebration was lively and inspiring.

25th Anniversary of Women in RIBI. From left current RIBI President Nan McCreadie, President of RC of London Vasi H-Daniel, IPDG Eve Conway-Ghazi, Hon. Secretary of RC of London Clive Amos and myself

Celebration Luncheon at English Speaking Union

Fundraising Event for Lotus Orphanage Center in Mongolia

One of the Guest Speakers in Rotary Club of London, Mr. Fraser McColl, who runs The Lotus Children’s Center, an orphanage, in Mongolia organized fundraising Wine Tasting Evening. PP Kiyohiko Tanaka kindly invited and covered my fees to the fundraising event.

Event held in lovely main showroom of Thomas Goode suppliers of china and glassware to the Royal Family.

Wine Tasting Evening at Thomas Goode Showroom

Stephen Potter – Head of International Committee, RC of London, Mrs. Potter, Unur and Hon. Secretary Clive Amos

Discussing about Mongolia with Mr. Fraser McColl and Clive

Burkina Faso – School Fundraising Event

Rotary Club of London’s one of the international project is to build new school in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is the one of the poorest country in the world. RC of London organized “African Night” fundraising event where there was true African music and food, and representations from Burkina Faso community in London.

Playing Burkinabè Music

Burkinabè Friends


Children who will get new school


Every day when I walk pass by my school I read quote “Knowledge is Power, Nothing in life is to be feared. But only to be understood”. The first thing I’ve noticed from my studies was ‘be critical’.  Every professors somehow mention ‘critical thinking’, ‘understanding causes of things’ and ‘why and how’. Being critical was not my option in my schooling as we were told to learn what teacher teaches us, and no one dares to challenge the teacher. However, here is totally different, I have to have my own opinion, raise critical argument and be critical. After 9 weeks attending lectures, reading books and journals, my previous perspective of seeing things has shifted dramatically. Now reading home news about politics, economy became skeptical; my favourite politician is not my favourite anymore as I’ve started to asking questions why and how. Just in 9 weeks, I have gained whole different perspectives and I am imagining  what  would I gain more in coming months.

Lecture Slide from Module ‘States, Markets and Institutional Basis of Growth”


King’s College London Library – Round Reading Room. This reading room is featured in Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code where Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu meet– both in the Novel and the Film


Such historic country, that a single stone has its own story. Sometimes I feel guilty passing by gorgeous and massive buildings without being curious of how much history they hold. Because of my intense studying I did not explore London as much as one would expect. However, I am looking forward serious exploration once my winter break starts!

Skating with friends (classmates) – Somerset House IceRink

Essays Submission Celebration with classmates – Shoreditch WaterHouse Pub

Temple Church located next to my school – Place where Magna Carta was first signed

Trip to Cambridge – King’s College Chapel