Born in 1929, and has lived through many ups and downs in Hong Kong, PP Ko Ying is recalling very clearly how Rotary was first established in Hong Kong since 1936, and collapsed in 1941 due to World War II. Then in 1953, the Rotary Club of Island East and Rotary Club of Island West were given birth by the legendary Rotary Club of Hong Kong.

 PP Ko Ying

PP Ko Ying is a very devoted Rotarian, he is the chartered member of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest, which was born in 1979, and had taken up many major roles at both Club and District levels. Besides himself, he also encouraged his daughter Brenda to join Rotary. Brenda turned out to become a chartered member of, and currently the third time President of the Rotary Club of Mid-level.

When asked if PP Ko Ying has any expectation for Brenda, he indicated that he would like to see Brenda carry on actively involved in the Rotary movement, and bring Rotary to every corner where people are in need. He did not deliberately cooperate with Brenda on projects, but was just supporting her like a fellow Rotarian, letting her to develop her own style in working on humanities projects and fellowship among Rotarians. As it happens, this “non-interfering” stance has successfully brought up a brilliant President and Club under the leadership of Brenda.

In the chat with Brenda, she stated that the ethics of serving others has been instilled in her from an early age, when she saw her father actively serving Rotary. She feels blessed as her parents brought her up as a devoted Christian, and set a good example for her in contributing oneself to the community.

When PP Ko Ying recommended her to join the Rotary Club of Mid-level as a chartered member, as a daughter, Brenda found that this would be a good way to honour her father, by agreeing to his values in serving the community. During her years with her club, Brenda found that she did not only serve the community, but more importantly, serve her fellow Rotarians. Her three-time presidency has enabled her to build up a strong sense of fellowship and get to know most of the past and present members of her club well. She found this a rewarding experience.

The father and daughter both recommend the next generations to join Rotary, with the aspects of service-above-self, and personal development in such a great fellowship.

Reported by Rotarian Eliot Li, RC of HKNW