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Sustainability is not a new word to the globe, in fact the concept was once suggested academically originated from Lester Brown’s book (1980) , defining such term to be meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. This is the base of sustainability. Sustainability is therefore bringing benefits to human and the planet earth without costing. It is definitely a crucial thinking direction for policy-makers, communities, as well as everyone particular young people who are going to build our future society. Raising awareness among younger generation is like investing, since the society tomorrow comprises chiefly the young people today, and hopefully results in a holistic approach in the development process. Besides, sustainability is increasingly viewed as a desired goal of development in many aspects and environmental management; therefore, it is no doubt an inevitable element to be considered. To cease further exploitation and unhealthy development within the ecosystem, the contest takes a preventive step to educate. “Ensure Sustainability, Preserve our Planet” Hong Kong Composition Contest for Youth 2014 advocates the importance of sustainability and raises the awareness in preserving our planet earth. It stimulates adolescence, and so as the general public readers, to rethink the importance of sustainability and how should sustainability be achieved.

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