PDG Peter Wan and his Faculty Team members including DG Eugene Fong, PDG Ada Cheng, DGN Peter Pang, CDS DGND Eric Chin and DAG YC Ho conducted The Rotary Leadership Institute Part 3 in the top floor in Rosadale on the Park with a nice scenery view of Victoria Harbour. The following Part 2 Graduates attended:

President Irene Lau, RC HK North
Veronica Li, RC Bayview Sunshine
Veronica Yum, RC Bayview Sunshine
Mila Seto, RC Peninsula Sunrise
Dave Andrew, RC Kowloon Goldenmine
William Wong, RC HK Island East.

Topics covered International service, Effective Leadership Strategies, Rotary Opportunities, Public Image and Public Relations, Rotarians, Vocational Services and Expectations, Make a Difference.  Interactive discussion and participation were actively made during the training with lots of laughter and fun too.

The Following are some of the feedbacks from Graduates:

“I am lucky NOT give up the parts II and III of RIL in June after I joined the Part I in March. This is a really very useful course for the future leaders of the club, I definitely shall join again in the coming year and also encourage our club future leaders to join.

Thank you very much for DG Eugene Fong, PDGS Peter Wan, Anthony Hung, Ada Cheng, DGN Peter Pang, DGND Eric Chin and DAG Y,C HO, their arrangements and times spent on RIL.”

William Wong

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East

“The courses I, II, III are a win win for both trainers and classmates as we communicate and interact to hear what isn’t said. I enjoy the momentum sharing among the class. Good job RLI team!”

Veronica Yum

RC of Bayview Sunshine

“It is informative and practical”

Rotary Leadership Institution 2

“Small Class Size Good, Idea Venue”

Rotary Leadership Institution

Congratulation to the Six Future Club Leaders Graduates.