It is always amazing to see fellow Rotarians hurrying around for Rotary services with great enthusiasm and selflessness.  They come from different ages, professions and sectors of the community.  They ask for nothing in return while making significant contributions.  It would be too naive to think that applauses and words of gratitude from beneficiaries of their work are what Rotarians look for.  Most of the work done by Rotarians is of such significance that one would expect them to be honored in a way far exceeding what applauses and words of gratitude could represent.  Yet such honoring action has never been a condition for Rotary services to be delivered.

One major driving force among Rotarians, as I observe, arises from the highly satisfying experience gained when conducting Rotary services.  Some examples of such real life experience include providing food to students who have to wait and then eat what other students have left over because their families could not even afford to provide them with breakfast; visiting leprous people who have never been visited by their family members for the unfounded fear of being infected; running in the Gobi Desert to raise money for the needy and at the same time enjoying the fascinating scenery there which others might never have the chance of seeing in their life time.

The simple fact is that nothing can be more encouraging and enticing to Rotarians than the great real life experience gained from serving others.  And that is Rotary!