Some Thoughts about Rotary

By IPP Gary Yeung (RC Hong Kong City North), DDS (Area 4)

Why joining a Rotary Club ? 

At first, the spirit of Rotary was not very clear in my mind. I got the impression that a Rotary Club comprised members who came from different professions or trades, and Rotary membership would expand one’s social circle. Later I realized that this alone would not help sustain one’s long term interest in Rotary.

Fulfilment of Rotarians’ Aspirations 

After some initial years with my Rotary Club, I had gained more experience about Rotary. Sometimes, my Club’s community service projects would interest me more, such as visits to homes of elderly singletons of the deprived groups who were quite isolated from the community.  They needed our care.  I found that these community services  would provide Rotarians with a sense of purpose. Such services would give me a “do good, feel good” sentiment. Many Rotarians share this view.

Collaboration with NGOs and other sectors in our Community Services 

Rotarians have passion to serve the community, particularly the deprived. But most of us do not have the expertise, time and social network in implementing meaningful community services. As our community is getting more sophisticated and complex, Rotary Clubs cannot carry out community services of a good scale and variety single-handed. We need to collaborate with NGOs and other sectors in achieving our goal of community services. The District poverty alleviation initiatives in 2012-13 are good examples. Under these initiatives, Rotary Clubs provide funds and partner with NGOs in some worthwhile community services. This will be one of the way forward for Rotary Clubs and it will enrich our experiences in community services.