Rotary Club of Khuree, RI 3450 Mongolia and Rotary Club of AMA, RI 2760 have completedajoint Project Renovation of classrooms in the rural area school.

As a result of this project, kids from School No. 53 Khan-UulDistrict now have access to classrooms with sewing machines for girls, and different carpenter and electric tools for boys.

This rural school has no such classroom due to its financial difficulties. Within our project we have created a brand new classroom and providedthem with new equipment’s. In addition to that, we have supplied traditional musical instruments. The kids already learnt to play the musical instruments and they have presented us with a small but very nice concert. Also, the children gave us a very creative and colorful souvenirs made by them in their classroom.

The two clubs concluded that the project had reached its main purpose, in which the underprivileged children have now access to classrooms where they can learn basic lessons of trade.

NATSAGDORJ Oyuntulkhuur

Public Relation Committee Chair

Rotary Club OfKhuree,

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