Rotary Club of Queensway and Boaz International Education cordially invites you to a Multi-Sensory Extravaganza – an innovative exhibition created by students with special talents this Sunday, 8 September 2013, at The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, 3/F Multi-purpose Hall, 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon. On this special day, children with special needs and learning difficulties will demonstrate their special talents by using their novel, fresh, radical, new ideas and their technological know-how to transform an empty hall into a multi-sensory environment. We hope this unforgettable experience will help participants gain an appreciation of people with alternative learning methods and change societies’ perception of special needs.

Yours In Rotary,

Bonnie B. Wong

President, Rotary Club of Queensway 2013-14

An Invitation to a Multi-Sensory Extravaganza:

A Special Innovation House Created by Students with Special Talents

This Sunday event is supplemented with activities specially designed for family participation. Parents and children can enjoy a relaxing afternoon together through joining our arts and crafts activities – such as face painting, to name a few.. The three-hour event will commence from 2pm at with an opening ceremony and a seminar featuring four guest speakers. Professor Yuen Man-tak from the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong; Mr Alan Au, bronze medal winner at London Paralympics; and Mr Leung Kwong Wing, Hong Kong Representative for International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, will share their personal experience on talent development, while Speech Therapist, Ms Tin Choi Yau will run an Q&A session about speech and language.

Additional information about the event, together with details about how to get to the venue is enclosed. We would appreciate if you could kindly forward the invitation to relevant organizations such as families with special needs, relevant professional organizations and interested parties.  Please advise us of any special mobility or other requirements you may have. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Twiggy Chan via email or by phone +852 6175 8439.

Yours sincerely

Twiggy Chan

Director, Boaz International Education



為了展示出兒童可以不受其特殊需要和學習困難所限,而且更擁有您想像不到的天賦技能與創意潛力,我們將於2013年9月8日(星期日)下午二時至五時,假 九龍加士居道8號香港女童軍總會多功能廳(3 / F),舉行一個別出新面的多感官大體驗。屆時一班有特殊才能的同學,用自己創新的想法和學習後所掌握的技能,把空蕩盪的大廳打造成一個能體驗多感官的環境。我們誠意邀請邀請您來參與這次活動,希望透過提供一個難忘的經歷,推動大眾反思「特殊需要」的社會意義。

我們三小時的節目由下午二時的開幕儀式開始。我們誠邀的四位主講嘉賓,包括 袁文得副教授 教育學院香港大學,歐棨麟先生 倫敦殘奧會游泳比賽銅牌得主,梁國榮先生 國際視障人仕聯會香港代表。將於台上分享他們對個人才能發展的專業看法或親身經歷。田釆釉女士言語治療師 解答有關言語訓練的還節。會場更設有由具特殊才能同學恊作的藝術和手工藝活動攤位,例如臉部彩繪等,讓家長和孩子可以一起享受一個悠閒的星期天下午。

隨信附上這次活動的有關資料,連同如何到達會場的細節。為了更好地籌備活動所需的資源,若您能於我們網頁 R.S.V.P.,我們將不勝感激。另外,亦請您告知我們在行動上或其他方面的特別要求。為了令更廣泛人仕能獲得這次活動的資訊,請協助我們轉發此信及附件予相關組織和家庭,專業人士如社會工作者和教師,以及在媒體工作的朋友。如有關於是次活動的進一步垂詢,敬請不用猶豫,即通過電子郵件(或電話(+852 6175 8439)直接聯絡陳小姐。






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