By RPIC PDG David Harilela


Why Strengthen Rotary now?

Despite a century of doing good, we still do not get the recognition we deserve. We need to rethink how we tell our story so Rotary is better understood. We need to accentuate what makes us different and why Rotary matters.

As a result, it is harder to reach our full potential as we are not earning full credit for the good we are doing.

How to Strengthen Rotary?

Siegel Gale also found the top two reasons behind why Rotarians “join and stay “in Rotary.
The answers from most of the interviewees on both questions were as follows:
1. To positively impact their community
2. For the Friendship & Fellowship

To attract more Rotarians to join and stay in Rotary, we need to tell better story. We need to:

Define our essence to identify how Rotary is different from other organizations

Bring our values to life to ensure our actions support our words

Establish our voice to reflect our distinct character

Clarify how we present our offerings so people understand what we do and how they can engage

Refresh our visual identity to energize our look and feel while celebrating our heritage

Redefining Rotary

Rotary brings together the kind of people who step forward to take on important issues for local communities everywhere.




Please visit: to download the full version of the new Voice & Visual Identity Guidelines

For any enquiry on the new image, please contact your club president or Ms. Catherine Chan (PA to RPIC PDG David Harilela) at for more information.


PDG David explained the New RI image during the PR workshop:

Strengthening Rotary PART 1

Strengthening Rotary PART 2