Please be informed with our great joy in Fellowships that the coming PPs’ Dinner 2014 organized by 12-13 Presidents will be on :

Date: 11 April, 2014 (Friday Evening)
Time: starting 6:30pm
Venue:  The Banquet House (御苑皇宴), 13th Fl., MegaBox , Kwun Tong.

THE   THEME :  紅  男  綠  女  喜  相  逢  !

What’s all about:—
Fun, Joyous and Happy!

To start with , we cordially invite All CPs to lead us on stage to sing Rotary Song for looking up to their tremendous contribution to the Rotary Family in D3450 due to their Dedicated Creation of everything by forming Rotary clubs!

Following are happy moments for all PPs to flourish!

Also there will be band , singers, and of course the sweet singers within our Rotary Family .

Any Surplus , including all donations from ‘Hitting the happy chest’ on spot will be offered to District Service Project .

The dinner Fee:
Early Bird up to 30 January, 2014 :  The incredible at  $ 500@ !!!
Afterwards:  Still incredible at   $ 600@ !!

Spouses or  ‘partners’  are most welcomed!

Further information on programs :
To announce later , perhaps , partially to maintain some secrecy!

Thank you all, the 紅男綠女 for all the attention !

Yours In Rotary Service,
By the Order of the OC of 12-13 Presidents , IPP YC RC of Peninsula South RI District 3450