With less than four months, APRRC will be held in its birth place, Hong Kong, and hundreds of Rotarians and Rotaractors will have the chance of discovering the charm of “the Pearl of the Orient”.

Despite the fun-packed programmes and pre-/post-conference tours, there are many touching moments happened during past APRRCs.  The most magical one is wedding proposal.  The editor still remembers there was a wedding proposal in APRRC held in Sydney.  We were on a cruise riding along the coast with Sydney Opera House at night under romantic atmosphere.  Suddenly, a Rotaractor from Taiwan proposed!!!  Everybody was so excited to witness this magical moment with them!!!  The girl said yes for sure for this surprise.  Now, they are married and have a lovely daughter with them.  Imagine being in the conference, your Rotaract friends, made the lifelong promise to stay together for the rest of their lives…isn’t it amazing to be of the witnesses?

We shall share more magical moments with you!! Stay tuned!!