Dear Rotarians of District 3450,

Thanks to your selfless support, THE ONE continues to expand its network around the world. In the end of June, THE ONE Organising Committee journeyed to Portugal to attend the 104th Annual Rotary International Convention. It was an amazing opportunity to share the message of THE ONE and encourage Rotarians all over the world to get involved by nominating a candidate and spreading the word. THE ONE booth was a hit, drawing Rotarians and guests alike to take a picture with our THE ONE cutout. RPIC/IPDG David Harilela, THE ONE Award Founder, was fortunate enough to give a break-out presentation to over 1,000 Rotarians where he shared his vision for THE ONE and encouraged involvement for 2014 and beyond. THE ONE Organising Committee is thankful to have such an amazing network that is willing to offer support as THE ONE Award continues to grow!

As the excitement from the second annual THE ONE Gala Award Dinner winds down, we are excited to follow our finalists as they begin to use their prize money to help change our world!

Enrico Sala plans to construct a brand new maternity hospital in Cambodia that will serve a community of 50,000 people. Showing a commitment to maternal health, this will be the fourth maternity hospital constructed through Enrico’s efforts. The facilities will include delivery, examination and labor rooms as well as rooms dedicated to changing and recovery. The construction of the hospital is progressing rapidly as communication with medical staff and the clearing of the land is already underway. This hospital will provide mothers a chance to give birth in a clean, safe environment which is nearly impossible in existing centres. The hospital will provide both mothers and babies with check-ups and health support in the months following birth. Enrico has developed a most prosperous relationship with the Cambodian government during his tenure. As a result, the government will provide the land for the hospital and all salary and education expenses for the staff. Enrico’s work to improve maternal health in Cambodia has inspired the government to improve their own facilities, treatments and staff. Through the combined efforts of Enrico and the government, this wonderful new hospital will be a sustainable birthing option for years to come. Thank you, Enrico, for all of your hard work and dedication to the people of Cambodia!

Christina Noble will use her prize to support the various programmes and sustainability of The Centre for Social Assistance for Disadvantaged Children, a core project of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Vietnam since 1991. The Centre provides nutritional care and early intervention of physiotherapy based rehabilitation for orphans and disadvantaged children. The centre can support up to forty full time ‘residential’ children in addition to fifty ‘nonresidential’ children. They also provide a vital public health service for up to 1000 community members each month through the free outpatient clinic in the centre. This outpatient clinic provides health examinations, medical treatment, pharmacy, nutritional supplements, family planning, and nutrition and health education to parents. Additionally, The Centre for Social Assistance for Disadvantaged Children provides education intervention for disabled children though the provision of special education classes.

Dr. Cynthia Maung plans to use her money for two different programmes. First, she wishes to assist her partner organizations in Mae Sot by purchasing a piece of land on which they may function without risk of rising rent prices. As the area of Mae Sot becomes more developed, landlords are becoming pressured to raise rents or even sell their land as it becomes more valuable. Purchasing a piece of land will ensure long-term sustainability and connectivity for all of Dr. Maung’s pursuits in the area. Second, Dr. Maung will apply part of her prize money to improving the integration of her CDC School with the Thai Education System. Doing so will help assimilate the migrant Burmese children into Thai society. The CDC School seeks to gain legal registration for migrant learning, which would enable it to seek additional support from the Thai Ministry of Education. By helping teachers gain their certifications and increasing the number of students enrolled, the CDC will make strides towards gaining registration and increasing their financial sustainability.


We need people like you to help us find THE ONE 2014! If you are interested in getting involved, please visit our website at and click on “How to Get Involved.” We encourage you to appoint a THE ONE representative in your club who will be responsible for organizing and promoting your club’s nomination. Don’t forget that the club that nominates the winner of THE ONE 2014 will receive US$5,000! As the home district for THE ONE, let’s show the Rotarian Community that we are serious about honouring the world’s angels!