from the 2012-13 Group: IPDG Kenneth and IPPs

The Group

A group of IPPs (Presidents of 2012-13) led by IPDG Kenneth (hereafter referred to as the Group) attended the RI Sydney Convention.  The Group was joined at different times by AG HW (DS of 2012-13) and CP Joe (AG of 2012-13).  The Group would like to share with fellow Rotarians through this article their great experience during the RI Convention and their stay in Sydney.

Visit to the Parliament House of New South Wales (NSW) State (29 May 2014)

2.   On 29 May 2014, the Group was invited by NSW Legislative Council Member the Hon Ernest Wong to lunch at the Parliament House of NSW State.  The lunch was joined by Jann and David Hughes, Directors of Sky Juice Foundation in Australia which supplied the Water Purification Systems installed in schools in the Shaanxi Province through the District’s Matching Grant Project in 2012-13.  There was a useful exchange about the work of Rotary and developments of the Chinese community in Australia.  After lunch, the Group attended an afternoon session of the Legislative Council in the NSW Parliament House.  The Group’s attendance was welcomed by the Speaker in Council and recorded in the Hansard Transcript of the Council.



Lunch in the NSW Parliament House hosted by the Hon. Ernest Wong (middle, first row), NSW State Legislative Councilor


The Group, together with David Huges, Director of Sky Juice Foundation inside the NSW State Parliament House

The 3-K Charity Walk (End Polio Fund Raising Event) on 1 June 2014

3.   The Group arrived at the Olympic Park in the early morning of 1 June 2014 to participate in the 3-K Charity Walk.  The event was well attended by a large crowd with high spirit.  Some group members had the enviable opportunity of taking a picture with RIP Ron Burton during the walk.


Lucky group members and RIP Ron Burton at the 3K Charity Walk


The 2012-13 Group of D3450, invited to take picture with a group of Rotarians from the United States

House of Friendship

4.    The Group visited many interesting booths in the House of Friendship.  In particular, they visited THE ONE booth, the Sky Juice Booth and the Shelter Box Booth, which have their services and products closely associated with service projects in D3450.


Some group members pictured at entrance of the House of Friendship


The Group at the booth of THE ONE


The Group at the booth of Sky Juice

The Convention

5.    The Convention was marked by great speeches.  At the opening, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, addressed the audience with a passionate speech telling how he has been influenced by his father, a dedicated Rotarian, and how much he appreciates Rotary’s contribution to the community.  He took the opportunity to announce the breaking news that the Australian Government would contribute AUD 100 million to Rotary’s End Polio project.


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot announcing that the Australian Government would donate AUD 100 million to Rotary’s Polio Eradication project

6.   The closing ceremony was marked by passionate speeches from RIP Ron Burton and RIPE Gary Huang.  RIP Ron shared with the audience how his determination to take up firstly the Governorship of his District, and then the RI Presidency, has changed his life.  RIPE Gary shared with the audience his vision of uniting all Rotarians to light up the world with their good deeds, quoting many interesting stories and words of wisdom from Confucius.


RIPE Gary delivering his passionate speech of uniting Rotarians to light up the world


RIP Ron and wife Jetta addressing the audience

at the Closing Session of the Convention

The 2019 RI Convention : to be hosted by D3450?

7.    As D3450 is going to bid for hosting the 2019 RI Convention, a Senior Manager of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr. Ken Wong, joined the RI Sydney Convention to have a better, direct feel of what an RI Convention is all about, and how it is run by the Rotary International.  He was also met by the Group at the Convention.  He was highly impressed by the scale and richness of the Convention.


Mr. Ken Wong, Senior Manager of the HK Tourism Board (gentleman with eye glasses on first row) attending the Opening Session of the RI Convention in Sydney together with Rotarians of D3450

Re-union of the Peace through Service Team

8.    Some members of the 2012-13 Group attended the breakout session on Peace through Service, the theme of 2012-13, and had the opportunity of having a happy re-union with IPRIP Sakuji Tanaka.


Happy re-union of D3450’s 2012-13 leaders with IPRIP Sakuji Tanaka after attending the breakout session on Peace through Service on 3 June

Outside the Convention

9.    Apart from attending the Convention, the Group also had the benefit of enjoying many fellowship activities outside the Convention.  Notably there was the sumptuous dinner hosted by DG Eugene on 2 June at the Emperor’s Garden Restaurant in China Town of Sydney, where Rotarians were also entertained by the singing performance of DG Eugene.  Then there was a seafood dinner arranged by IPDG Kenneth in the evening of 3 June, where PP Wyler shared with participants his Healthy exercises with great demonstrations!


Rotarians enjoying the dinner hosted by DG Eugene

10.    While the Group was busy with attending the RI Convention and activities of D3450 in Sydney, it also had the opportunity of touring many parts of Sydney in a 12-seater van steered by IPDG Kenneth from the first day of their arrival in Sydney on 29 May (most arrived on that day with a few others arriving 1-2 days earlier or later).  The Group visited the Blue Mountain, the Opera House, the Featherdale and the beautiful beaches of Sydney etc.  The scenic view and great food were good reasons for them to return to Australia, probably in the not too distant future!


The Group posing smartly around the 12-seater van which took them to many scenic spots and great restaurants in Sydney


The Group and the Opera House in Sydney


The Group on the Blue Mountain