District 3450,

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on an astoundingly successful combined District Rotary Foundation and Grant Management Seminar! November the 9th will be a day that will live in infamy when 108 diehard Rotarians converged on the Football Club to confront a host of objectives packed into a one-day program. Despite the tightness of the schedule, the objectives of the program were met with and overcome by the ardor of the Rotarians of District 3450! We arrived on time and kept both our schedule and focus!

As our cohort comprised an array of Rotarians of various backgrounds, we designed the seminar’s instruction to be adaptive to where the attendees were in their Rotary careers. In the morning, The District Foundation Seminar began with an introductory talk on the basics of The Rotary Foundation which we followed-up on with a few sharing sessions to add some color to the nuts and bolts of Rotary administration. These insightful speeches got us motivated to get into our breakout sessions and get down to work!

In our breakout sessions new Rotarians were brought up to speed on the significance of the Rotary Foundation and the good that Rotarians have done to the world through TRF. Experienced Rotarians were taught various strategies for meeting district fundraising goals, and the old guard, who will be instrumental in the grant application process, were imparted with a comprehensive understanding of the New Grant system and the key requirements for choosing projects within the six areas of focus.

After enjoying what most considered above standard refreshments during our brief respite over lunch, we got right down to Grant Management Seminar business with the closing forum of the TRF running parallel with the opening forum of the Grant Management Seminar. We once again had an overwhelming audience reaching over 80 participants. Apart from introducing some general information, the presenters also hashed out the details involved in applying for Global Grants.

With fresh Rotarians in the loop, experienced Rotarians poised to attack District goals, and old guard Rotarians equipped with the skills to design and apply for Rotary Foundation grants, let’s bring in the New Year by doing some good to the world!