A. Helicopter Flights for Winners of Rotary Adopt A School Awards in June 2013
The reasons of bad weather and technical issues in the past few months delayed the Helicopter Flights. Eventually, both Flights were executed on 23rd November, 2013 at the Hong Kong Aviation Club.
Past President Lily Fenn of the Rotary Club of Happy Valley had kindly been the pilot and generously offered 4seats forstudents who achieved “The Best Improvement Awards”and4seats for the Top 4 ofRAAS Website Design Competition to enjoy a scenic Helicopter Flight over Hong Kong in her helicopter last Saturday.
Two students surrendered the flight as one had an unpredictable family affair to attend on the event day while the other left Hong Kong earlier than scheduled, to pursue senior high school education in Canada in July and therefore was unable to enjoy the wonderful helicopter trip

Four Winners of the Best Improvement Award (2012-2013)
RAAS Partnering School
Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School
Yuen Chun Fai, Davy
Cognitio College (Kowloon)
Yeung Ka Man
ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School
Kau Lai Ying
Hotung Secondary School
Vincci V C Chan

Top 4 of RAAS Website Design Competition
Lam Chi Ho of Lai King Catholic Secondary School (Champion) Chan On Chun of Cognitio College (Hong Kong)
Wang Qinze of Fukien Secondary School
Wong Sai Ho of Lai King Catholic Secondary School
Enclosed please refer to the thank you letter and the sharing of flying experience from winners.

B. Non-stop Rotary Performance to support Child Development Matching Fund
All Club Presidents had been received the updated information recently. Our PDG Moses Cheng Mo-chi is also the currently Chairman of the Education Commission and the Chairman of Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF) which supports the long term development of our children coming from a disadvantaged background and helps them come out of poverty.

Since our district has the same mission, we have been supporting CDMF by participating Carol Singing Festival for the last 2 years by enrolling over 1,000 singers to perform each time and helped fund-raising over HK$200,000.00 for CDMF.
It will be the third time for us to organize this meaningful event and certainly, it will never be a success without your support. We truly anticipate that you will either sponsor our singers to sing or organize your own choir to support. Of course, both actions will highly be appreciated with deepest thankfulness.

Non-stop Rotary Performance 扶輪唱不停大匯演 to support the Carol Singing Festival 2013(聖誕頌歌節 2013), on Sunday, 15th December, 2013 at the Shopping Mall of East Point City (東港城), Tseung Kwan O Town Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Registration Form is enclosed for your necessary action. Thank you very much for your tremendous support!

Rotary Adopt A School (RAAS) Information By RAAS Committee