District Training Assembly, 9 am to 4:00 pm, May 23, 2015 at the Shatin Jocky Club

Joining Instruction

Welcome to the District Training Assembly (DTA)! We have a FULL HOUSE! The followings are important information to assist your gaining the maximum benefits from the DTA. Kindly distribute to your Club’s attendees.(….read more)

2014/15 Year Book – Needs Action Photos

Dear District Committee Chairpersons and Club Presidents ,

I am working on my 2014 E2 80 93 15 Year Book, aiming to distribute them during our 2015/16 District Installation.

Two of the focuses of the Year Book are:

1. to report on projects of our District Committees and
2. to report on Community Service projects of our clubs.

District Committee Chairs, please send a write up with photos on achievements of your Committee to me at my office email addresses on or before May 22nd (Friday):

D3450 Preserve Planet Earth Request for Rotary HK Chordophonia 2015 Concert Sponsorship Dear Presidents, E2 80 8BPEs and PPE Directors,

First of all, thank you for your support to Preserve Planet Earth (PPE) by having most of your clubs in becoming Green Rotary Club. We have 64 RCs qualified for the D3450 Green Rotary Club Award in 2014/15 as of writing! From the link below you can find out which club has turned Green and what did they do.

http://rotary3450.org/category/service-projects/g reen-rotary-club/

While we are entering into a new Rotary Year in July, District PPE Committee is hosting the “Rotary HK Chordophonia 2015 Concert&qu ot; to raise fund for future District PPE activities. It is to be held on Sunday 9 August, 2015 in the Concert Hall of HK City Hall.

Rotary Club of Tai Po service project in newspaper

Registration on MYROTARY of Rotary International Website – Rotary.org

Being a dedicated Rotarian, you may want to find out more about your own club, like the membership trend, foundation giving, services, etc through the ROTARY CLUB CENTRAL; you may want to edit your own profile in MY PROFILE, make foundation giving, FIND A CLUB to go to when you visited another country, find out WHAT ‘S NEW in Rotary, or you may also join a Rotarian Action Group, etc