by Darren Todd, Rotary Club of Quarry Bay

On Saturday September 27, the Rotary Club of Quarry Bay and the Delia School of Canada Tai Koo Shing continued their volunteer work at Hong Kong Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Association(PHAB) for the third consecutive school year.

The volunteer work is at the PHAB camp located on Reservoir Road in Pokfulam.  This is part of the local community service work Rotary Club of Quarry Bay has been doing for the last five years with PHAB.  On most Saturdays, the volunteer work conducted is basic maintenance at the camp: this is where student involvement happens. The students help paint and do simple gardening at the camp. For some, this is the first time they have ever volunteered and truly worked with their hands.

Three years ago the Rotary Club of Quarry Bay approached Delia School of Canada to see if they would be interested in their students volunteering with the club. Being a Canadian trained teacher, I knew that the secondary students needed forty hours of community service work in order to graduate. We wanted to get students involved in the local community, it seemed like a great fit, and it has been. Each year the project gets stronger, it has been a great success on several levels.”

The project has a great deal of support from the Delia Secondary administration and the school’s guidance department. Guidance Counselor Alice Chan oversees the tracking of student hours and the organizing of the students who have signed up to work. Over the years the program has become popular with the students.

For more information about this project or to volunteer, please contact John Bowden at [email protected] or Tony Leung at [email protected]